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Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (ADATS)

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ADATS is the Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service. Our professional allied health workers will provide you with tailored treatment designed to support you to reduce the harm and impacts of substances on your life.

If you are needing support addressing alcohol or other drug related issues, the ADATS approach to your care follows four steps. We’ll work with you to identify the treatment approach that will work best for you:

  • Screening and brief intervention: this is most often a single time-limited session, where you’ll get information and advice to help motivate you to make changes to your use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Counselling: this is more intensive and over a longer period of time; counselling will support you to develop greater understanding of yourself and the role of alcohol and drugs in your life and how you see yourself; counselling will help you to make positive changes in your alcohol/drug use behaviours
  • Case Management: this will help you to engage in a range of support services to help improve your quality of life and bring about long lasting change.
  • Aftercare: if you’ve completed a recovery or rehabilitation program already, after care is treatment that helps to minimise the likelihood of lapses and help you get on your feet again through a coordinated approach to support from vocational, financial and other social support services

In general, our approach recognises that your life is unique and that therefore our approach to your support – or combination of approaches – will be unique to you.

ADATS is a free service.

To find out more, please call us on 1800 243 232

Pete’s story

“It was time to make a change. I was using all types of drugs – you name it, alcohol, dope, ice – I was using it. Anglicare is supporting me through all of this and everything else that comes up. My ADATS worker supports me and everything going on in my life. I really believe that I have the best chance possible now to stay off drugs and get my life in order. I actually feel that I have hope for the first time in a long time.”


Supported by funding from Tasmania PHN (Primary Health Tasmania) through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.

Accessing Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (ADATS)

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Provided by Anglicare Tasmania

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1800 243 232

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