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The Men's Table Launceston

Added by
Roland hanekroot
on 4th November 2019

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I care about
  • Being in good mental health
  • Getting connected
  • Making friends and meeting new people

Men sharing their lives over dinner, at a deeper level than talking about the footy and shit

The Men's Table meets every third Tuesday of the month. 

As of this writing (early Nov) the first table in Launceston is still in it's forming stage.

We welcome new members, pretty well your only qualification to join us is that you have a penis.

From the original invitation for the Men's Table in Launceston:

"The first Men’s Table (MT1) began in 2011 in Sydney with 12 men who have met once a month for dinner ever since.

The Men’s Table creates a unique environment for men to share openly about their lives, their challenges, their highs and lows with a group of men whom they learn to trust and respect.

The Men’s Table creates a sense of belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie that is lacking for many men, even for some who already have a group of mates.

Belonging to a Men’s Table contributes to mental, emotional and social wellbeing whilst being a powerful support to individual members travelling life’s journeys.

Each Men’s Table will be a distinct expression of the needs and personalities of its members, guided by the fundamentals from MT1."

More information about other Men's Tables around the country at

We have now started a first Men's Table in Launceston and if you meet the minimum qualifications (see above) or at least identify as a man, get in touch with me to come along. or discuss starting up your own Table.

Roland Hanekroot

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