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COVID – 19 recovery - The next great regional city challenge.

A community led recovery from COVID - 19.
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Everyone can play a role in helping our communities and region to recover from the impact of the pandemic.

Our governments' response to the COVID – 19 pandemic has been necessary and effective, but given the sheer scale of the challenge, their efforts can only go so far. While they are starting to roll out their recovery plans there are positive, innovative things that communities can make happen now.

There has never been a better time to mobilise the power and potential in our community.

We know communities can mobilise quickly when a response is required and that we respond better when community, business and government work together. We also know from experience, the best response to a
crisis often comes from the ground up. We can do more to empower and support those closest to and
most affected by the pandemic to identify and implement local solutions now and into the future.

The COVID Recovery - next great regional city challenge - is a collective call to action for the community to help jump-start the whole region.

This campaign aims to build an online community that helps people stay connected and where they can ask for or offer support during this time of crisis.

The Launceston Great Regional City Challenge Inc. (GRCC) Board has resolved to develop an alliance of community and business leaders and partners to support COVID Recovery - next great regional city challenge.

Our campaign partners will provide guidance and resources to help facilitate a community led response that can include, individuals and organisations:

  • Calling for volunteers.
  • Offering and requesting help.
  • Posting community listings - activities or services.
  • Sharing ideas and opportunities.
  • Forming groups and action teams to make a difference.


Updates from campaigns will appear here.

Get involved in activities, share on social networks, or yourself.

Support as a business or community organisation

  • Offer or support community activities, services or resources.
  • Volunteer or call for volunteers to make a difference.
  • Share ideas and look for opportunities to work together with like minded organisations to make a difference.

Become a partner

  • Get involved - Contribute your expertise, resources and or funds to a coordinated, resilient and long term community led response to dealing with the crisis and recovery process.
  • Contact Owen Tilbury - President, Great Regional City Challenge Inc. or call 0407 501 287.

Support as an individual

Become an active citizen - Become a member of the Launceston Together online community:

  • Stay connected. Help others stay connected.
  • Volunteer.
  • Ask for or offer help through the Timebank.
  • Share ideas - participate in online conversations.
  • Join or start groups or action teams that can make a difference.

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Active couple who have recently moved to Launceston from Lymington south of Hobart. Loving Lony and surrounds, into Health and fitness, hiking, bike riding and photography.

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Community Services

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Support COVID – 19 recovery - The next great regional city challenge.

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