An Introduction

The Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people (called Shapers) who are under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. With over 10,000 Shapers connected to over 400 hubs in cities across the world, these hubs are united by common values - inclusion, collaboration and shared decision making - and together create projects and positive change for their communities.

Introducing the Launceston Hub

With over 400 Global Shapers Hubs across the world, we are excited to see that young people of Launceston and Northern Tasmania can contribute to positive change in our community and across the world through the Launceston Global Shapers Hub.

The hub exists for two purposes; to build each other to be leaders and changemakers as well as implementing projects with positive impact, locally, regionally and/or globally. Each hub is required to undertake one project each year, but also has opportunities to collaborate with hubs across the world in joint projects and larger impact.

With the Launceston Hub only beginning in July 2019 and the first in Tasmania, membership is growing and we are already mobilising for positive impact in our local community as well as collaborating with hubs across the rest of the world to drive positive change.

Areas of Impact

While each Global Shapers Hub is an independent organisation and members agree and then implement the projects to create positive change, these broadly align into three areas of impact to help reach the following global targets by 2021;

  • Climate & Environment: where the Global Shapers Community will mobilise one million people to influence policy and drive action to safeguard our planet.
  • Education & Employment: where the Global Shapers Community will equip one hundred thousand people with formative digital literacy and market-ready skills for employment.
  • Equity & Inclusion: where the Global Shapers Community will equip one hundred thousand people with the knowledge and skills to drive action on diversity, equity and inclusion.

What’s the relationship between the Global Shapers Community and World Economic Forum?

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, created the Global Shapers Community in 2011. He wanted to demonstrate to the world that young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change. Professor Schwab and the Forum continue to make significant financial and in-kind contributions to the network. To ensure the voice of young people is always heard, the Forum also provides Shapers with unique opportunities to interact and collaborate with heads of states, CEOs and philanthropic leaders.

How can people become a Shaper?

We are always looking for young changemakers to join our Launceston Hub, to collaborate in implementing projects of positive change as well as building each other up. The major requirements is that they are in their twenties and are willing to commit to meeting and working together to create positive impact, however during the application process, all Shapers need to agree to the core values and conduct of the community. If you know someone who should become a shaper, please contact us via email ( to begin the application process.

How can you and your organisation help?

As a volunteer community of young people working together, support from you and your organisation can help increase the impact of our projects as well as supporting the individual members. This could include sponsorship, financial or in-kind support to increase the impact of our projects; talking at our meetings to help share your experiences and insights with Shapers; amplifying our projects that are operating locally or with our international collaborations; helping connect us with other members to ensure that our Hub represents the diversity of the Launceston and Northern Tasmanian community; and much more.

If you have a way to help our hub, please get in touch with Adam to talk further.

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Adam Mostogl

Founder of illuminate Education / Curator of Launceston Global Shapers Hub

In any given week, I’m likely to be helping young entrepreneurs to kick-start their...

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