The Great Regional City Challenge

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50 PROJECTS were submitted to help LAUNCESTON become one of the GREAT REGIONAL CITIES OF THE WORLD.

AND there was $100,000 in seed funding+ support for the best ones!

The bigger, the more congested, the less affordable Sydney and Melbourne become, the ‘prettier’ major provincial cities look. Ballarat and Bendigo are rocketing forward … Maybe beyond sea-change and treechange there lies another movement … where everything is just right to tempt Millennials and others out of their metropolitan homelands and unto the provincial-city promised land.

Bernard Salt, 2019

Launceston is a regional city with an enviable lifestyle.

Our city has a lot to be proud of. We have many fantastic natural and built assets. We are blessed with many great facilities and businesses, and lest we forget, we are home to a wonderful and diverse mix of people.

We are also lucky to have many game changing projects happening in our region - Greater Launceston Plan, City Deal, UTAS redevelopment, City Heart projects, Northern Suburbs Revitalisation, Coordinator General Northern Cities and the NTDC Futures Plan to name a few.

With tourism fuelling our service and retail sectors - not to mention a state economy renowned for its agriculture, manufacturing, construction and forestry - Launceston is for many a great place to live, work and visit.

Yet we have an underperforming economy and high levels of community disadvantage.

Launceston is, compared to Hobart, on average older, less formally educated, less employed, earns less and is more disadvantaged. Employers often find it difficult to recruit suitable workers for the growing knowledge economy.

Productivity is low due to the high percentage of low and semi-skilled jobs. It is often said that communities in general tend to be passive recipients or critics of government initiatives rather than active citizens.

The Great Regional City Challenge Vision

We believe that communities are capable and willing to tackle the challenges and opportunities that matter to them, and that's why The Great Regional City Challenge was started to identify projects that could help us become one of the worlds great cities. And to help them succeed a $100,000 in seed funding was offered from the community and government plus projects have been offered hands-on support.

Our vision is that the Launceston community play an active part in making Greater Launceston one of the great regional cities of the world; a city that is creative, innovative, liveable, diverse and better connected.

Owen Tilbury, President, Great Regional City Challenge Inc

The Great Regional City Challenge has now selected 12 projects out of the 50 submitted to help the region become one of the best in the world. 

Interested in finding out more? Click here? Find out more 

For more information about The Great Regional City Challenge, please contact:


View member profile "Owen Tilbury"

Owen Tilbury

Senior Consultant, Community Led Impact Partnerships; President, Great Regional City Challenge Inc

Co-founder of Community Led Impact Partnerships (CLIP), and co-developed the CLIP process...


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Peter Murden

Value creation through collaboration

Peter is a highly experienced economic, regional and community development practitioner,...

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