Aboriginal Launceston: building on a resource rich site.

Strapline: Encapsulating the Aboriginal landscape of Launceston as a rich resource site that was also the basis for attracting white settlement.

Opportunity: To understand future direction we need to know origins. Launceston was built on a resource rich Aboriginal site of abundant fauna, riverine resources and edible and medicinal flora, which remains the environmental foundation of the region.  It was a place of intense seasonal habitation, congregation and trade.

Plan for the funding: The intention is to produce a publically accessible website that combines cartographic and photographic imagery with a concise, accessible written explanatory exposition of the Aboriginal landuse and modification of the Launceston basin at the confluence of the South and North Esk rivers and the Tamar estuary.

Revealing the landscape and resource utilisation of the region, the paths of migration, trade and congregation, knits a complex environmental interrelationship of landscape and people that persists into the present in a new affirmation of environment and landscape that has a relevance to understanding the rich basis of Launceston today. Amount requested: $10,000.  

The team: The team draws on particular knowledge, while emphasising the need for ease of public access, to enrich present understanding of origins and continuity of landscape. It is a knowledge that is an affirmation of place and the diverse connections of the present with the past.

  • Lyndall Ryan; Tom Dunning; Michael Powell; Ian Pattie; Mark Brown; Jon Addison; Patsy Cameron


Australia’s 1st ASV competition

Strapline: Being the first in something is always innovative. This idea can make Launceston a more diverse, liveable and connected city.

Opportunity: Launceston has a low population, hence lack of demand for many trades. There are few major events held in our city, and money does not circulate actively. Thus, hosting a major landmark event, especially in the wintertime, not only makes Launceston a popular regional city, but also helps the economy.

Plan for the funding: Being the host to Australia’s 1st Autonomous and/or controllable boats competition can bring jobs, joy, tourists, fame and most importantly money circulation to our city. Luckily, Launceston is the home to the only Australian Maritime College. AMC has the necessary infrastructure, diverse experts and knowledge to cooperate in promoting such events. A primary investment of $10,000 is enough to plan for the competition, make the connection between relevant organisations, identify and prepare the venue, write the rule book and advertise the competition nationally and internationally. so people can design and build a certain class of controllable boat and attend our competition.

The team: This competition brings people from other cities and countries to our city. It not only promotes Launceston but also helps businesses to earn more money. With the support of world-renowned AMC and Launceston Council, the chance of success should be much higher than other cities in Australia. Thus, regardless of who wins the competition, Launceston is the real winner.

Leo Nowruzi, National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics Australian Maritime College (AMC), University of Tasmania 


Supporting, attracting and retaining health professionals in Northern Tasmania

Strapline: Supporting, attracting and retaining essential health related professionals and services is a key to improving living standards and population and economic growth.

Opportunity: Growing essential health services is a key to improving living standards, population and economic growth, yet there are a range of health professional vacancies across the region. Supporting, attracting and retaining health professionals is a challenge, but there are ‘local’ things we can do that could make an immediate difference.

Plan for the funding: Supporting health professionals to remain in the region means making them feel welcome and helping them settle in socially / professionally. Improved promotion of the region / lifestyle can support attraction and recruitment. The plan:

  • Establish and promote a regional online social / support network to connect existing and potential health professionals
  • Train a small group of volunteers to administer the network, welcome new professionals and their families and help connect them to professional and local services and social networks
  • Develop and promote success stories that highlight the advantages of health professionals living and working in the region

Funding is requested for a 12-month pilot project for set up / supporting the network, training volunteers and starting to populate the story library. Amount sought is $10,000.

The team: The project will be led by three leaders from within the health sector:

  • Andrew Billings – St Giles
  • Lauren Oliver – I-Med
  • Ross Lamplugh – Ochre Health
  • Peter Murden – VCTC


Beautification of Launceston & surrounds

Strapline: We have the ideal climate for growing flowering annuals and perennials.
Our Project is to plant as many flowers, herbs and vegetables as possible around the Launceston area making Launceston a tourist hot spot over the Spring/Summer and autumn months and more.

Opportunity: Brighten up tourist areas with colour. Concentrate on area hot spots, for example increase park plantings (star sign’s in the park), the Mall could have a floral photo section. The Gorge, Wineries, Caravan parks are examples of areas that could be beautified.

Plan for the funding:Any money received would be donated in plants for example
$10,000 would buy at whole cost 450 trays of 64 plants, 110 trays plants started 4 pack x 16, 5000 of Potted Colour plants. Herbs and perennials could also be donated along with all the plants above.

The team: The project could include Tafe Horticultural students, Rotary, Council, Retied and other interested groups that would like to assist in planting and general maintenance, helping the community come together.

William Allan, David Allan, Jason Geisler and Steve Bowen are the advisory on planting, timing and also the production of the planting materials with 58 years experience.

Hopefully our application is successful. Let’s get the garden city image and surroundings a bright and cheerful approach.


A Community Stage for the Harvest Market and other Events

Strapline: Making the arts accessible to all Launcestontians - A community stage to share music, drama, theatre and dance.

Opportunity: Currently buskers play at Harvest Market each Saturday for 4 hours.  We envisage a community stage built from a shipping container, taking inspiration from the MONA FOMA SOMA will enable local and visiting artists, local schools, theatre and dance groups to share their art with our community.

Plan for the funding: We propose to collaborate with the UTAS school of design and architecture to turn a plain side opening shipping container into an edgy, multi-use shipping container, community stage which has a primary purpose of sharing arts with the community.


  • A side opening shipping container = circa $7500
  • Transport of shipping container = circa $1500
  • Fit out of shipping container = circa $6000

Harvest market is asking for $10000 towards the Community Stage and the Market will contribute the excess to the project should it be approved. We are excited!! 

The team: This project will be driven the successful team at Harvest who collaborates with diverse organisations to bring the world’s best produce from the farms and kitchens of our region to the people of Launceston. The Harvest Market is a not-for-profit community driven organisation. Harvests’ Chief Operating Officer reports to the volunteer Board and is responsible for the market operations and community projects. 


Drive in Movie Theatre (win) / Open Air Movie Theatre (sum) - Harvest Market Car Park

Strapline: Car Park Movie Magic: Bringing a monthly movie event to the people of Launceston, rain, hail or shine.

Opportunity: Visitors to Launceston often report that there is nothing to do in this City after 8:00pm. An outdoor movie theatre capable of functioning rain, hail or shine in summer and in the depths of winter would add so much to Launceston’s current offerings. We also plan to collaborate with other local groups and events such as BOFA and the Star Theatre as well as enable a food van culture to revive at these events and in Launceston.

Plan for the funding: We propose to create a monthly drive in / outdoor movie (weather dependent) - one Saturday evening each month. The event will be pitched at creating a social gathering space for families and visitors with food vans, a bar and some awesome movies!


  • A commercial quality outdoor projector with a minimum of 8000 lumens = $7000
  • A commercial quality outdoor inflatable screen = $6000
  • A commercial grade FM Radio Transmitter (so y’all can listen to the movie through your car radios!) = $5,000

The team: Harvest market is asking for $10,000 towards the monthly drive in / outdoor movie theatre - we believe it will add so much to this city and can’t wait to launch this project!!


An Urban Fringe Trail for Launceston

Strapline: Developing 102 km of walking (and wheel friendly) trails for a wide range of participants - showcasing Launceston & surrounds.

Opportunity: Our community needs opportunities for gentle, low-cost fitness. An 'urban trail' ticks many boxes - an outdoor activity assisting discovery and appreciation of geography, history, and community. To be a great regional city we need a great urban fringe trail.

Plan for the funding: A GRCC grant would be spent on trail development & improvements. It would make Launceston a more ‘liveable’ city. It would also make us ‘Australia’s most walkable city’. It’s an exciting proposition. It would add to the niche tourism to attract more walkers, casual and serious. A plaque would be created: This project is 'of the community, by the community, for the community'. An annual event will take place: ‘The Launceston Walking Festival’. The LUFT (Launceston Urban Fringe Trail) is not just for events. Individuals can enjoy it any time. Walking, jogging, bike-riding  … all encouraged.

The team: The Rotary Club of Central Launceston is project manager.

  • Rotary is experienced/respected for involving business/government/other community organizations.
  • The LUFT already exists. It was founded with co-operation from the 3 Councils through which the LUFT runs. 
  • The project promotes fitness/health/community/liveability/tourism

… essential building blocks for a great regional city!


The Surf City Project

Strapline: To create world class urban river surfing and whitewater recreation facilities for everyone to enjoy, every day.

Opportunity: Land locked communities do not have any surf beaches. However, by reshaping dangerous man made weirs into 'wave shapers' or 'whitewater parks,' we can create world class deep water standing surf waves and river rapids that are super fun, safe and accessible.

Plan for the funding: Based on our experience visiting cities in the northern hemisphere, we are confident that the Launceston region can become the world's best river surfing and whitewater recreation destination. River surfing/whitewater facilities act as recreation hubs that connect individuals to each other and to nature. We know that surfing makes people happier, healthier and more productive. We intend to to commission an independent research report into the economic benefits of river surfing facilities and whitewater tourism. This report is an essential step in securing funding for construction. Amount requested $10,000

The team:

  • The Surf City Project is a Paddle Tasmania initiative lead by current Churchill Fellow Adam Dickenson
  • Our expert team includes Geoff MacQueen, Peter Sebbage, Kevin Turner, Paul Steane and John Borojevic

The Surf City Project presents a rare opportunity for a 'win-win-win.' A win for our community, a win for our environment and a win for our economy!


Greater Launceston - A UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

Strapline: Launceston is fantastic food and drink and is seeking global recognition as an internationally connected, creative, equitable and sustainable city.

Opportunity: It is time for the Launceston community to unite behind an identity that celebrates what makes us exemplary. This identity is our great food and drink – our gastronomy – our opportunity to become globally relevant. Designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy will benefit our economy, culture, society and environment.

Plan for the funding: We need a communications platform to unite the community behind our new identity and aspirations to be one of the great regional cities of the world. We will apply to become a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2021. If we succeed, it will inject Launceston into a vibrant network of cities who pin creativity and sustainability at the heart of their future, deliver a wide range of benefits from greater collaboration with other cities around the world, but also with each other. We need $10,000 for creation and design of the platform and the campaign to spread the message. 

The team: 

  • Andrew Pitt on behalf of the Launceston Creative Cities Steering Group

The project will succeed because it:

  • Reflects and responds to what is already happening here
  • Is a ground-up project initiated from the business and education communities
  • Is a collaboration of community leaders who represent the key sectors and industries that relate to gastronomy – agriculture, food processing, hospitality, wine, markets, events, business, design, education, government.



LAKE PALAWA - ‘A Fresh Water Idea'

Strapline: 3 elements that addresses the current problems of Launceston’s geographical situation - Traffic Congestion - Exposed Mud - Disposal of Waste Water 

Opportunity: Launceston is developing fast and infrastructure is in need of an upgrade to cope with future growth. Also, Launceston needs to maintain its Liveability and Attractiveness to sustain the quality of life we have been enjoying in this beautiful City. That is the focus of this proposal, coupled with the reality of Global Warming and its potential impact on the City eg. Rising Sea Level. The proposed Plan is to solve the 3 problems (listed a above) in one combined and integrated development while producing Green Energy and dealing with potential inundation from rising sea levels. 

Plan for the funding: Recent proposals of the Tamar Bridge (GHD 2014), Tamar Lake (Tamar Lake inc. 2018) and Sewerage Improvement Projects (TasWater 2019) are combined in the 'Lake Palawa' proposal using the latest available technology in Green Energy production, Plasma Energy. It is proposed that a quick study be undertaken by professional consultants having local knowledge and working in the field. Analyse previous studies and proposals and assess both the geology and the viability of the Lake Palawa Project. The funds are to carryout primary research and the initial analyses to verify the potential of the proposal. Amount requested $10,000.

The team:

  • Lez Penzes, Lez Penzes Architect; Dr. Wayne Griffoen, Tasman Geotechnic; Dr. David Beynon, Architecture UTAS; Dr. Mark Dewsbury, Architecture UTAS 

This a big and globally significant project for Launceston.  We can lead the way as we have done in the past.


A Fix for the Tamar River

Strapline: A once beautiful river is choking. Only one course of action can fix it. We need an overall Independent Authority.

Opportunity: Our community is divided over many suggested ‘solutions’. But … ‘nobody is in charge’ and able to investigate, and implement, the best solution. There are several existing bodies and authorities doing good work on different parts of the Tamar, but none to fix the silt build-up or the overall problem.

Plan for the funding: How can Launceston be a great Regional City if we have a river where we can’t swim, can’t fish - and tourists see an ever-expanding build-up of choking mud. Our city will be more attractive, more liveable if we can methodically and scientifically work through the best combination of solutions to the ills of our river. Stopping the silt build-up, protecting the environment, flood protection, safeguarding against climate change sea level rise, irrigation, ecology and economics - all need to be considered. $5,000 is needed to help run a social media campaign to build community support for the Single Authority approach.

The Team: 

  • Tamar Lake is a non-profit body that over 10 years has spent nearly $500,000 in cash and in-kind scientific investigations to generate ecological, environmental, hydrodynamic and economic feasibility reports. 
  • With the appointment of a new Independent Authority, this altruistic investment by the 46 members of Tamar Lake Inc will have been completed. 




Launceston A Great Cycling City

Strapline: To build an inclusive, vibrant and progressive cycling community in and around Launceston.

Opportunity: Launceston has some excellent existing infrastructure that provides safe and accessible areas to ride bikes. They are generally well connected and well built. Our project aims to gradually build resources, events and activities to make use of the existing facilities and public spaces. The project will assist activate the community be more actively engaged in cycling. 

Plan for the funding: The project will help build a more active, engaged and connected community. It will assist improve physical and mental health, improve access and opportunities for inclusion, assist with less traffic congestion, create a cleaner greener living space and a help provide a sense of freedom and independence for all members of the community.

  • Idea 1 - set up a park and ride program - est $9,500
  • Idea 2 - Incusive riding resources adult tricycles) - est $2,000
  • Idea 3 - Park ride - same concept as Park Run - est $5,000

The team: 

  • Tamar Bike Users Group
  • Reclink Australia
  • Able Australia, YMCA
  • On Your Bike Tours Launceston and Cycle 2 Launceston


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